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To what extent is statistical analysis useful in educational research?


I started to learn about SPSS in 2005 and became interested in making sense of different datasets. The more I can play with the software package, the better I become at training quantitative data for a specific purpose. This practice also enables me to learn how to integrate reliability and validity procedures into a single analysis process. My skills have been significantly enhanced during my statistical consultation job. I have provided advice on quantitative analysis to research students and academics in different instituations.

Recently I have worked on Structural Equation Modelling. I use AMOS and find it interesting. Playing with AMOS helps me understand SPSS better and reinforce my skills in educational research.


Given my interest in SPSS and AMOS, I am happy to discuss with anyone about the issue. As a committed educator and researcher, I hope to be able to learn more from friends and colleagues to enhance my skills.